Precision Air Conditioners
For Data Centers: in Row, in Rack Installation
19,6 ÷ 53,1KW


  • Wide range of aggregates including 4 models, 2 versions.
  • EER up to 4.45.
  • Synergy with RC Brand liquid chillers.
  • Chilled water feeding.
  • EC fans of centrifugal type.
  • “F” version, frontal air delivery, “L” version, side air delivery
  • Suitable for indoor installation.


  • Room air temperature: temperature with wet bulb: 14 °C ÷ 24 °C; temperature with dry bulb: max. 35 °C
  • Room air humidity: 20% RH ÷ 75% RH



  • Suitable for direct cooling system or cooling system for rows of racks.
  • Increased efficiency of EC fans of centrifugal type.
  • Connection is at the top and bottom of the device.
  • Dual power supply.
  • Box-server rack.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Eurovent certification.


POWER SUPPLY: 230/1/50



  • FRAMEWORK: aluminum frame; panel - galvanized steel with protective epoxy coating and noise absorption; height-adjustable rubber supports; color: RAL 7016.
  • COMPRESSOR: synchronous brushless motor with inverter control; stepless power control; crankcase heater; rubber supports.
  • FANS: axial fans with sickle-shaped blades; brushless synchronous motor EC type with a variety of rotational speed variations; control of EC motor rotation is carried out by means of microprocessor control; temperature sensors at the air intake and delivery.
  • CONDENSERS: microchannel aluminum condensing coils contribute to high exchange; reduce the pressure drop and the amount of refrigerant.
  • EVAPORATING SECTION: copper tubes with aluminum fins; regulating the flow of water using a 2-way smoothly adjustable valve; condensation tray - aluminum alloy.
  • CONTROL PANEL: power supply with 10A plugs; magnetothermic switch on power supply; terminals for external enabling, smoke/fire alarm.
  • CONTROL SYSTEM: MP.COM microprocessor control with graphic display; volt-free contact as an element of the general alarm/emergency warning system; flash memory; components hour-meter; a password-protected menu; LAN connection.