Precision Air Conditioners

Project X TYPE has been developed and realized according to the new, high ΔT temperature standards of the modern
data center and with the objective to maximize the performance of the machine.
An innovative air conditioner with a revolutionary idea, structure and application, with the aim to reduce energy
consumption, dramatically reduce maintenance costs, provide high reliability and continuous operation.
Around these values MEHITS has developed the X TYPE project with a revolutionary double-stage cooling heat
exchanger and the use of the state of the art in terms of components with high efficiency, in order to obtain the lowest
pPUE index.



Filter section:

The section is divided into several boxes each
containing two bag filters with G4 efficiency.
The high filtering surface ensures a year of
operation before replacement.
Available also with standard plain filters for a
reduced height.

Air handling section:

Innovative double stage “X” coil.
Low turbulence on air side.
Reduced pressure drops Vs a conventional coil.

Fans section:

New Plug Fans with EC electric motors and
composite impeller of the latest generation,
which guarantees a reduction of power
consumption. The section is divided into
several boxes each containing its own fan with
safety net.