Precision Air Conditioners
For Telecommunication
2 ÷ 15 kW


• Structure and panelling in electrogalvanised powder coated steel for
maximum resistance to rust.
• Total reliability and functionality of the compressor and all other
components guaranteed by leading companies in the telecoms sector.
• Contacts for alarms and the machine's functioning state signals.
• Universal terminal board for complete outer control of the PLC unit.
• Condensing control for lower noise levels.
• Safety pressure switches.
• Condensing coil protection grills.
• User terminal supplied as standard.
• Wide range of accessories for easy and correct installation, and for an
efficient air treatment system.
• Widespread after sales network.



• Electric heating elements.
• Serial cards for BMS interconnection.
• Double power supply (Network + UPS 48V DC)
• Free Cooling damper with opening from 0 to 100%.
• Evaporator EC fans (for models 0003 ÷ 0056).



Available with cooling capacity from 1,9 to 15 kW. They are direct
expansion packaged systems for indoor installation, which are fitted with
external panels in powder coated steel sheets.
The units can be fitted with a Free Cooling damper (optional) that ensures
30% annual energy savings compared to standard systems, while the
evaporating section fan works on a direct current at 48 Volts for a reliable
operation even in an emergency situation. (optional).
MEHITS units are made to ensure a standard level of operation even
under extreme environmental conditions with temperatures of up to
+48°C. ENERTEL EVO, ENERTEL EVO INV are available in two different
versions: in the UNDER units, the outlet air flow is flush to the ground
and pointed downwards , while in the OVER versions (for ENERTEL EVO
units only) the air flow inlet is from the front side and the air flow outlet is
upwards or frontal.