Precision Air Conditioners
For Telecommunication


• Structure and panelling in electrogalvanised powder coated steel sheets
for maximum resistance to rust.
• Total reliability and functionality of the compressor and all other
components guaranteed by leading companies in the telecoms sector.
• 48 VDC EC radial fan with continuous speed modulation.
• Class G3 air filter.




• Electrical panel for the unit’s stand-alone management.
• Clogged filter sensor.
• Air prefilter in metal frame.


Designed for the cooling of highly technological environments
(telecommunication shelters and cabinets), FKO/FKI FREE COOLER units
feature an advanced free cooling system that utilises the outdoor air to
lower the indoor environment temperature. Outdoor air absorbed from the
fan is filtered and then released to the indoor space.
The unit is available in indoor (FKI) or outdoor versions (FKO), in both
cases provided with a waterproof jacket in order to avoid even a drop of
water from entering the environment.
Directly managed by the PLC controller, the units can been coupled to a
TELECOM air conditioner s range. This ensures getting the best advantage
from the free cooling operation, whenever possible.
For the stand-alone operation an electrical board kit able to manage
the unit and two further pre-existing air conditioners are also available.
In pre-existing plants, this solution offers the opportunity to add the
free cooling function at a later date.