Air Handling Units
Air Handling with Built-In Automation

DIAMANT units’ main features are: highest quality, unique ease of operation and maintenance, economy and energy efficiency class A+. Aesthetic appearance and excellent noise characteristics allow installing this air handling unit in any room without causing any discomfort to others. Units are suitable for outdoor installation (may be complemented with a roof made of aluminum-magnesium alloy characterized by the highest corrosion resistance).



    • High energy efficiency: improved insulation and tightness; rotary heatwheel with efficiency up to 90%; EC technology energy saving motors.
    • Improved heat and sound insulation: use of high density mineral wool.
    • Branded frame design: panels without screws and sharp corners.
    • Easy control: intuitive intelligent control system.



    Air intake duct: hollow lamella blinds are resistant to deformation; blinds are made of special material, which prevents the lamellas from freezing to each other.

    Flexible canvas: made of polyvinyl chloride, reinforced with a cloth of polyester fiber, which increases its plasticity, durability, resistance to tearing.

    "Built-in automation" option: the air valve is equipped with a servo-drive, mounted and connected to the driver shaft of the valve.

    Filters: class F7; are made of fiberglass with a complex three-dimensional structure of the material with the filtration surface area (100 times exceeding the size of ​​the cell itself).



    • Rotary Regenerator
    • Electric heater (when regeneration heat is not enough)
    • Water heater (optional)
    • Steam humidifier (optional): stainless steel panels and inclined drain pan



    800-15000 m3 /h