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Catalog of equipment

Catalogof equipment

Department of aclima concepts

Department ofaclima concepts

Aclima has an extensive experience in implementing unique, interesting and innovative projects of varying complexity. Our experts can prepare the best possible competitive engineering solution to develop a unique cost-effective concept tailored to a specific project. Thereby Aclima helps its partners and customers to introduce climate control equipment produced by world's leading manufacturers into their projects.

We carefully study all the project features and inputs to design a comprehensive solution employing high-performance, energy-efficient equipment. Owing to their expertise and sound training, our experts will complete any hard work quickly and properly at minimum expense of time and cost.

Warranty and service department

Warranty and service department

Aclima Service is a special division of Aclima that serves to give service and warranty support to our dealers and users of climate control equipment produced by Aclima's brands. We are well aware that a product is not just equipment. The quality of equipment does matter, but its correct and long-lived functioning is not really possible without adequate servicing. Service is an integral component of a good product. This is the essential rule we bear in mind when selling climate control equipment.

That's why we have gathered a strong team of service engineers who are able to fulfil all the tasks set by the customer, ensure quality and correctness of installation, set up and commission the system, perform maintenance, skillful diagnostics and repair as necessary. We also provide all kinds of consultancy and technical support both to our dealers and to end users of climate control equipment.

Our Project Solutions

Our ProjectSolutions

Babylon Shopping Mall, Dnipro
Babylon Shopping Mall, Dnipro
The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts
The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts
1654 City Cafe, Kharkiv
1654 City Cafe, Kharkiv
"Pavlograd Chemical Plant" State Enterprise, Dnipro
"Pavlograd Chemical Plant" State Enterprise, Dnipro

News and Special Offers

News andSpecial Offers

Haier Builds New AC Production Base in Egypt
06. 09. 2021
Air conditioner giant Haier recently built an air conditioner factory in Egypt and also set up its own sales company.
Why VRF is the future of air conditioning? 
05. 07. 2021
VRF solutions circulate only a minimum amount of refrigerant required at a particular point and provide individual climate control in the conditioned area. 
Haier MRV range on subsidy list for heat pumps in Germany
02. 06. 2021
The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) in Germany has announced that all Haier VRF outdoor units are now included on its subsidy list for energy efficient heat pump installations.
In view of the pandemic, Haier AC has decided to support its foreign colleagues and partners
24. 03. 2020
Aclima has also been listed as a partner and currently awaiting the delivery of masks and supplies for Covid-19 personal protection.

Aclima is the biggest Ukrainian supplier of ventilation and air conditioning systems. We cooperate with world's industry leaders to offer the most efficient, advanced and cost-effective solutions.


  • Semi-industrial split systems and multi-zone systems by Haier.
  • Chillers and heat pumps by CLIMAVENETA.
  • Precision air conditioners by RC IT Cooling.
  • Humidifiers by DriSteem and MYCOND.
  • Dehumidifiers by MYCOND and Trotec.
  • Ventilation systems, supply and exhaust systems by Weger, MYCOND, Casals.
  • Industrial fans by Reventon.
  • Air heating systems by Apen Group, Goodman.
  • Wide array of heat exchange equipment by AlfaLaval, CIAT.
  • Refrigerating equipment by MYCOND, Hitecsa, evaporative cooling devices by Decsa.
  • Сlimate control automatics and accessories by Atmic, Microdam, MYCOND.


  • Dealers and distributors of various climate control equipment

Working with us, you get exclusive terms of supply at competitive prices. Our goal is to let in Ukrainian customers on high-quality, innovative and reliable equipment of the industry's world-class brands.

  • Companies involved in construction services

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of climate control and ventilation equipment. Of these, we will surely recommend you the ones that will specifically suit your customers. In addition, many manufacturers offer their own unique selection programs to facilitate your choice.

  • Design businesses and offices

While handling a custom task or inventing a new engineering solution, design engineers can rest assured that any of their ideas can be put into practice. We offer really wide product lineups, so that you can choose the pitch-perfect equipment to the desired parameters. In addition, our partners are ready to develop a customized solution specifically on your request.

  • Investors and developers

If your business is involved with construction and real estate development, value-enhancing investments in high-quality construction materials and equipment will be the key to your success. Aсlima offers its partners special terms of cooperation with the supplier plants. We aim at mutually rewarding long-term partnership that will satisfy both parties in the best way possible.

If you are looking for high-quality ventilation equipment,
you need advice on choosing an advanced climate control system,
you are considering or already implementing a challenging construction project,
choose Aclima!

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