Warm Air Heaters
Gas Type

ApenGroup gas heater is designed for heating sports facilities (pressostatic and tensostatic buildings), swimming pools, exhibition pavilions, auditoriums. Adapts to different temperature conditions. Has an aesthetic appearance.


  • Economy: gas consumption is reduced to 50%.
  • High energy efficiency: combustion efficiency up to 105%.
  • Environmentally friendly: no CO emissions, NOx emissions <30 ppm, greenhouse effect reduction.
  • Convenient control: power adjustment from 30 to 100%.
  • Effectiveness: minimum stratification of warm air with decreasing thermal dispersion.


  • Framework: aluminum.
  • Power range: 10.2-93.4 kW.
  • Efficiency: 94.6%.
  • Safety: thermostat; inspection panel; protection class of fan motor IP 54; aluminum support frame.
  • Fan compartment: centrifugal fans driven by electric motors.
  • Combustion chamber: AISI 430 stainless steel.
  • Control: electronic power modulation panel.
  • Electrical control unit: protection IP44; made in steel and covered with epoxy powder.



  • Compliance with EN60335-1;
  • CE homologation (0694ВP0758).