Warm Air Heaters
Water Type

Water heating fan with a wide regulation range of the airflow and available pressure. A common potentiometer can control blades’ rotating speed/direction adjusting aeraulic performances upon necessity and reducing heater’s electrical consumption.



  • DC Plug fans.
  • High efficiency motor.
  • Electronic control: inverter regulation of the fan motor operation.
  • Wide range of optional equipment: unit can be supplemented with various functional accessories.



  • Power range: 10.2-93.4 kW.
  • Supply voltage: 400 V three-phase 50 Hz.
  • Framework: aluminum frame, double-sheet panels 25 mm. thick with mineral wool insulation.
  • Safety: temperature probe for coil return water control; protection class IP54.
  • Electrical panel: common switch; remote control of Turn on/off and Summer/Winter modes.
  • Coils: 4-ranks coils; large heat exchange surface, water temperature - 70С.
  • Optional accessories: G3 pleated filters; motorized dumpers for air flow control; remote control box with Summer/Winter mode switch; thermostat for fan speed regulation; basin for cooled water.