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Casals company - one of the recognized leaders of the world fans market. Spanish manufacturer’s lineup includes different models constructed in accordance with the latest trends in the modification of this type of equipment. Casals main principles are:


• Quality (manufactured equipment is tested for compliance with the highest quality standards)

• Well-coordinated teamwork (all departments of the company should ensure the production of high-quality equipment)



For more than 130 years Casals has been addressing the problem of improving the air quality. That is the reason for drawing the best specialists and using the latest technologies in the development and manufacture of ventilation equipment.

The company was founded in 1881 with the opening of a small family workshop. In 1924, Casals began production of the first models of industrial fans. The company was one of the first to start serial production. The focus on innovation and development has allowed Casals brand to take a leading position and gain a worldwide recognition in the field of fans construction.



At the end of the XIX century, in 1881 Francesc Casals Francois opened a small workshop in the town of Ripoll, in the province of Girona. His company was specializing in the production of equipment, tools and accessories for various industries. Later his company was reorganized into Talleres Casals, and then - in Casals Ventilación.



Today the brand Casals is represented by an independent legal entity Casals Ventilación, headquartered in the city of San Juan de les Abadesses (Catalonia, Spain). The company's representation offices are located throughout Europe. Ukrainian consumers also have direct access to Cassals products.



• 40% increase in sales for the last several years

• 12,000 m2 - area of the main factory

• more than 100 series of fans produced for the national and international market



• Industrial and semi-industrial fans of various types and designs (roof, duct, for explosive environments, for smoke removal)

• Household fans (axial, centrifugal)

• Accessories for electric and mechanical fans



• European standard - CE 327/2011

• ISO 9001

Equipment Range: CASALS