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CIAT is a leading European manufacturer of air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification systems. CIAT products are known for their environmental friendliness, high adaptability to difficult conditions and cost-effectiveness. For the consumers’ convenience, CIAT has developed special software helping to select any type of equipment.


Much attention is devoted to research and development.


The goals set by the CIAT laboratory are:

  • Optimization of CIAT equipment by introducing the results of theoretical and applied research/
  • Compliance with highest international quality standards.
  • Accumulation of international cooperation experience.



CIAT has been involved in manufacturing a wide range of climatic equipment for more than 80 years. The company was founded in 1934. At first CIAT was mainly focused on the production of heat exchange equipment.

However, soon the company began developing its own air-handling and refrigeration units, as well as air conditioning systems.

Since its foundation, the company has been working on the international market - mass share of exported CIAT products reaches 50%. CIAT equipment is installed at the most famous locations around the world – i.e., Grande Arche de la Defense and Paris Disneyland.



At the cradle of the company stands Jean Falconier – an engineer, who in 1934 and became the founder of the world famous brand.



Headquarters together with the main CIAT plant are located in the town of Kuloz, 50 km from Geneva. Manufacturing  sites of the company are also located in other European (3 plants in France, 1 in Spain) and Asian countries (one plant in India and China). In total, the manufacturer owns 9 plants.

Brand representations can be found anywhere in the world: in Europe (Belgium, Serbia and Croatia, Finland, Romania and the Czech Republic, Russia and many other countries), Asia (Japan, Malaysia, India, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), Africa (Lebanon, South Africa).



• 4% of the company's turnover goes for research and development funding

• 70 countries of the world are covered by the brand’s dealer networks

• 2300 - total number of CIAT employees in France and abroad

• 4500m2 - area of Europe's largest experimental research center owned by the company

• 180,000 m2 of production space summarily for 5 plants

• $ 3 million is the amount of annual investment in the modernization of the equipment production line

• Over 10 million CIAT products are already operating worldwide



• Air conditioning systems with cold storage

• Condensing units

• Capacitors

• Dry coolers

• Chillers and fan coils

• Air conditioners (monoblock, roof, channel, precision)

• Air dehumidifiers

• Supply and exhaust systems

• Fans and air-heating units



• EUROVENT Certification

• CE certification

• Standard of conformity AFNOR, CEN, ISO 9001

• TÜV (Germany)

• CETIAT (France)

• ISPEL (Italy)


• UkrSEPRO (Ukraine)

Equipment Range: CIAT