Air-cooled chillers
Chiller, air source for outdoor installation 39,2-227 kW
NX 0152P - 0812P

Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water with hermetic rotary Scroll compressors, ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A, axial-flow fans, plate heat exchanger, micro-channel full-aluminum air coils and thermostatic or electronic expansion valve, according to the model. The range is composed by units equipped with two compressors in a single-circuit configuration.


Electronic control W3000 / W3000TE
The controller is available in two different versions according to the unit’s model:
W3000 : electronic controller with Compact keyboard. It features an easy-to-use interface and a complete LCD display that allows consulting and intervening on the unit by means of a multi-lenguage menu, available in three languages: Italian, English and a further language among French, Spanish, German, Russian and Swedish. The alarm history display function can be enable by installing a real-time clock (optional).
W3000TE : electronic controller with Compact keyboard. It features an easy-to-use interface and a complete LCD display that allows consulting and intervening on the unit by means of a multi-language menu (19 languages are available). The diagnostics includes a complete alarm management, with the “black-box” and the alarm history display for enhanced analysis of the unit operation. The programmable timer manages a weekly schedule organised into time bands to optimise unit performance by minimising power consumption during periods of inactivity. Up to 10 daily time bands can be associated with different operating set points.
Both the controllers offer advanced functions and algorithms.
The regulation is based on the patented “Quickmind” water temperature regulation logic uses self-adapting control to maintain flow  temperatures and optimise performance even in low water content scenarios. As an alternative, the proportional or proportional-integral regulations are also available.
Optional proprietary devices can perform the adjustment of the resources in systems made of several units. Consumption metering and performance measurement are possible as well.
Supervision can be easily developed via proprietary devices or the integration in third party systems by means of the most common  protocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, LonWorks.
Compatibility with the remote keyboard (up to 8 units).
The defrosting (reversible unit only) follows a proprietary self-adaptive logic, which features the monitoring of several operational parameters. This allows to reduce the number and duration of the defrost cycles, with a benefit for the overall energy efficiency.



K           Key efficiency, compact version
LN-K    Low Noise, Key efficiency and compact version
SL-K    Super Low noise, Key efficiency and compact version
CA       Class A of efficiency
LN-CA Low Noise, Class A of efficiency
SL-CA Super Low noise version, Class A of efficiency


-    Basic function

D  Partial condensing heat recovery function


The full range is available with the Class A efficiency rating. Thanks to the generous sizing of the heat exchangers and an accurate control of the fan speed, the CA versions grant a premium level efficiency in every noise configuration.


The full aluminium micro-channel condenser coils deliver high efficiency whilst ensuring a reduced refrigerant volume and a lower unit weight. The e-coating protection (optional) grants the highest level of resistance to corrosion in any condition, even in the most aggressive environments.


The use of the electronic expansion valve generates considerable benefits, especially in cases of variable demand and different external conditions. It has been introduced into these units as a result of accurate design choices concerning the cooling circuit and the optimisation of operation in various different working conditions. The electronic expansion valve comes standard in the high-efficieny CA version, optional for the compact K versions.


Full load operation is ensured with outdoor air temperature up to 46°C, partial load operation is possible up to or even beyond 50°C. The unit can produce chilled water at negative temperature (down to -10°C of leaving water temperature). Dedicated accessories allow the unit operation down to -20°C of outdoor air temperature.


The optional built-in hydronic module already contains the main water circuit components; it is available with single or twin in-line, for achieving both low or high head.


  • Microchannel coils with e-coating protection
  • Traditional coils with copper tubes and alluminium fins, also available with prepainted
  • fins or Fin Guard Silver protective treatment.
  • Copper-Copper heat exchanger coils
  • Compressor power factor correction
  • Soft start
  • Compressor suction and discharge valves
  • High and low pressure gauges
  • DVVF and DVV2F devices for low air temperature operation
  • Hydronic group with possible storage tank
  • Anti-intrusion grills