Fancoil units
Cassette fancoil units
Cassette type terminal 3,20-11,3 kW
a-CHD 0606 - 2209

New a- CHD cassette of Climaveneta, with 5 speeds AC motor, is available in two version: for two pipe installation (unit with single coil) and for four pipe installation (unit with double coil). Wide range of sizes and easy installation make them suitable for all types of installations.


MTW wall mounted
Fan speed slider, mode slider (OFF/summer/winter). Thermostat with set point regulation. ON/OFF valve unit control (summer/winter for 2 pipes installation), ON/OFF second valve unit control (winter for 4 pipes installation). Room temperature probe. Remote water temperature probe.

ATW wall mounted
Mode button (OFF/summer/winter/AUTO), fan speed button (Max/Med/Min/AUTO). Thermostat with set point regulation. ON/OFF valve unit control (summer/winter for 2 and 4 pipes installation). Control of traditional or PWM modulating valve units. Room temperature probe and water temperature probe. Digital input configurable as: window contact, economy, heating or cooling remote changeover, periodic ventilation. Configuration dip switch. TTL serial port with Modbus protocol for installation in BMS.

Remote control
In combination with (i)HB powerboard on board of the units, it's possible to have Set-point regulation, selection of functioning mode (cool, heat, dehumidify, fan), and fan speed (Max, Med, Min, AUTO). User-sfriendly compact remote control with fine aethetics.




U - 2T      2 Pipes version
U- 4T       4 Pipes Version

Frame in galvanised steel insulated with self-extinguishing closed-cell polyethylene blanket of suitable thickness, to limit heat loss and noise to a minimum. Airflow grille in ABS built in the cassette, supplied in 1 cartonbox

5-speed electric motor inclusive of thermal switch. Fan 

Low-rev radial-blade fan to maximise acoustic comfort.

Coil with corrugated aluminium fins and copper pipes, tested with dried air at 14 bar. 

Switchboard with power and control terminal block with screw terminals

Set-up for fresh air intake.

Set-up for duct air distribution.

Esternal Drain Pan


  • Main coil 2-way/3-way valve unit
  • Additional coil 2-way/3-way valve unit
  • Fresh Air renewal connection
  • Duct Connection Flange
  • Kit Bus Adapter for BMS
  • Kit Gateway interface for MyHome Bticino System