Fancoil units
Ductable fancoil units
High head ducted type terminal 5,87-21,9 kW
a-HWD2 102 - 902

a-HWD2 are the new Climaveneta ducted high head hydronic terminals. The possibility of vertical and / or horizontal installation, compactness and the wide range of accessories or ductwork panels, make these units very flexible in installation and adaptable to any system type. The internal insulation of a-HWD2 units ensures operation with excellent acoustic comfort.
P.S. The picture is refered to the unit with mounted valves and plenum with spigots.


ATW wall mounted

Mode button (OFF/summer/winter/AUTO), fan speed button (Max/Med/Min/AUTO). Thermostat with set point regulation. ON/OFF valve unit control (summer/winter for 2 and 4 pipes installation). Control of traditional or PWM modulating valve units. Room temperature probe and water temperature probe. Digital input configurable as: window contact, economy, heating or cooling remote changeover, periodic ventilation. Configuration dip switch. TTL serial port with Modbus protocol for installation in BMS.

MTW wall mounted

Fan speed slider, mode slider (OFF/summer/winter). Thermostat with set point regulation. ON/OFF valve unit control (summer/winter for 2 pipes installation), ON/OFF second valve unit control (winter for 4 pipes installation). Room temperature probe. Remote water temperature probe.

PSW wall mounted

Fan speed slider, mode slider (OFF/summer/winter). ON/OFF valve unit control (summer/winter for 2 pipes installation), ON/OFF second valve unit control (winter for 4 pipes installation). Remote water temperature probe.




DFIO    built-in version, front air intake, horizontal installation

DFIV    built-in version, front air intake, vertical installation

DLIO   built-in version, low air intake, horizontal installation

DLIV   built-in version, low air intake, vertical installation.

Ducted Terminal unit for horizontal and vertical installation. Bearing structure made of thick galvanized steel sheet, resistant to rust, corrosion, chemical agents. Self-supporting and removable panels provided with holes for ceiling and wall mounting, directly from the main casing. Pre-cuts slots and prearranged holes to configure the unit upon request, to install the accessories, and to reverse the units even on - site. Discharge Flange on units. EU2 efficiency flat air filters, which may be easily removed from any side of the unit (bottom, side, top) for periodic cleaning. EU3 undulated air filter section, and EU5 with pocket air filter section.

Configurations for 2 and 4 pipe Systems.

Highly efficient coil made of cooper pipes and aluminium fins. Standard connections on the right side; on request connections on the left side. Possibility to reverse the connections on-site. Coils tested at 30 Bar pressure, suitable to work with water at max.
15 Bar pressure. Incorporated additional coil, or additional coil section for 4 pipe systems. Incorporated electrical heater, or electrical heater sections 

Fan deck including 1, 2 or 3 centrifugal fans with double air inlet plastic blades directly coupled to the electric motor. Extensive diameter of fans for higher air flow and static pressure, with low RPM for better acoustic comfort.

Auxiliary drain pan with thermal insulation for all Horizontal versions, made of galvanized steel.

Plastic drain pan for all Vertical versions.

Terminal board IP20 "Mammoth Type" installed outside the unit. Upon request possible to supply the Terminal Board inside IP55 electrical box.


  • Hot water coil kit
  • Heating element module
  • Main and additional coil valve unit ON/OFF, PWM, 0-10 V, 3 points 2-way or 3-way
  • Ductable air filter section, flat, undulated, or with pocket bags
  • Plenum kit with round, straight or 90° air ducts.
  • Section with Air Louver, manual and motorized
  • External/Internal mixing section
  • Noise level attenuator section for both air intake and supply outlets
  • Section for humidifier
  • Condensate drain pump
  • Anti-vibration junction
  • Mammoth Type terminal board kit, with IP55 electrical box
  • Interface SPB Kit