Fancoil units
Horizontal or vertical fancoil units
Residential fan-coils with cabinet or concealed version, with inverter motor e tangential fan. 0,76-3,76 kW
i-LIFE2 SLIM 080 - 370
i-LIFE2 SLIM is the new fan coil Climaveneta, with inverter technology for heating, cooling and dehumidifying. Its elegant design with only 13 cm depth makes i-LIFE2 Slim the perfect solution for residential applications. The fan coil is also available with inverter version with radiant panel.
Fan-coil for professional applications, with cabinet or built-in version 1,50-7,50 kW
a-LIFE2 0102 - 1004
The new a-LIFE3 fancoil has been specifically developed to be adapted to every ambient thanks to its modern and minimal design which is result of the full experience and Climaveneta’s know-how on this range of products. Centrifugal fan with 6 speed via auto-transformer.