Heat pumps
Reversible air-to-water units
Reversible unit, air source for outdoor installation 441-1162 kWHOT WATER SUPPLY
FOCS-N 2022 - 4822

Outdoor heat pump unit for the production of chilled/hot water with semi-hermetic screw compressors optimized for R134a, axial-flow fans, external coil  with copper tubes and aluminium fines, shell and tubes heat exchanger designed by Climaveneta and electronic expansion valve.
Base and supporting structure and panels are galvanized epoxy powder coated steel with increased thickness.
These units are designed for two-pipes systems and are able to produce hot or cold water according to the selected operation mode; the precise thermoregulation guarantees an optimal response to load´s changes, in every operating conditions


W3000SE Large
The W3000SE Large controller offers advanced functions and algorithms.
The keypad features an easy-to-use interface and a complete LCD display, allowing to consult and intervene on the unit by means of a multi-level menu, with selectable language setting.

The regulation features the continuous modulation of capacity, based on a dynamic dead band and referring to the leaving water temperature. As alternative, step-wise regulation is also available, referred to the return water temperature with selectable proportional- or proportional-integral logic.

The diagnostics includes a complete alarm management, with the "black-box" and alarm logging functions for enhanced analysis of the unit operation.

For multiple units’ systems, the regulation of the resources, via optional proprietary devices, can be implemented. Energy metering, for both consumption and capacity, can also be developed. Supervision can be easily developed via proprietary devices or the integration in third party systems by means of the most common protocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, Echelon LonWorks.

Compatibility with the remote keyboard managing up to 10 units.

Availability of an internal real time clock for operation scheduling (4-day profiles with 10 hour belts).

The defrost adopts a proprietary self-adaptive logic, which features the monitoring of numerous operational parameters. This allows to reduce the number and duration of the defrost cycles, with a benefit for the overall energy efficiency.




B           Basic
CA        Class A of efficiency
LN-CA  Low Noise, Class A of efficiency
SL-CA Super Low noise version, Class A of efficiency


-   Basic function

D  Partial condensing heat recovery function


Unit in Class A as per Eurovent (in heating). High efficiency for low energy consumption


Reduced dimensions, for easy installation even in sites with space´ constraints


Unit´s operation guaranteed with external air temperature down to -10 °C during winter and up to 46 °C during summer


Supply of hot water in use up to 55°C, offering maximum versatility with respect to different plant engineering solutions


  • Hydronic group
  • VPF (Variable Primary Flow) kit: variable flow pumps with on board regulation
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards