Heat pumps
Reversible air-to-water units
Reversible unit, air source for indoor installation 18,0-265 kW
NX-CN 0072 - 1104

Heat pump for indoor installation to produce chilled/hot water with hermetic rotary Scroll compressors, centrifugal plug fans with EC motor, braze-welded plate-type exchanger and thermal expansion valve. Structure and the external paneling made from hot-galvanised metal plate and painted with epoxy powder coat RAL 7035. The panels are easy to remove for quick and easy access to the inside components from either side of the unit.
The range includes the single-circuit two-compressor versions and the dual circuit four-compressor versions.


Electronic control W3000TE
The brand new W3000TE controller offers advanced functions and algorithms.

The keypad W3000 Compact, as standard equipment, features function controls and a complete LCD display for viewing data and activating the unit, via a multilevel menu, with settable display language. In addition to or as an alternative at Compact keyboard, the KIPlink - Keyboard In Your Pocket - is the innovative user interface based on WiFi technology that allows one to operate on the unit directly from the smartphone or tablet.

The controller provides water temperature control for the heating systems, cooling systems (only for reversible units), as well as for domestic hot water (only for reversible units). These different temperatures are managed automatically based on the different conditions in which the system operates, with the possibility to assign specific levels of priority to domestic hot water production, depending on the needs of the application.

The regulation is based on the exclusive QuickMind algorithm, including self-adaptive control logics, beneficial in low water content systems. As alternatives, the proportional- or proportional- integral regulations are also available.

Diagnostics include complete alarm management, with “blackbox” functions (via PC) and alarm log (display or PC) for best analysis of unit behaviour.

For multiple units’ systems, the regulation of the resources, via optional proprietary devices, can be implemented. Energy metering, for both consumption and capacity, can also be developed.

The built-in clock can be used to create an operating profile containing up to 4 typical days and 10 time bands, essential for efficient
programming of energy production and fundamental for managing the Legionella prevention cycles.

Supervision is available with different options, using proprietary devices or by integration into third party systems using ModBus, BACnet, BACnet-over-IP and Echelon LonWorks protocols.

A dedicated wall-mounted keypad can be used for remote control of all the functions.

Optionally (VPF package), capacity modulation can be integrated with hydraulic flow modulation, thanks to inverter-driven pumps and to specific resources for the hydraulic circuit.



K              Standard efficiency
SL-K       Super low noise, standard efficiency
A             High efficiency


-      Basic function  

D    Partial condensing heat recovery function


Very high efficiency at full and partial load, at the highest market levels, thanks to the adopted technological solutions. These units ensure low operating costs and therefore a quick payback time.

The highest level of efficiency at part load can meet and exceed the minimum seasonal efficiency for heating, SCOP according with the eco-sustainable design requirements for all products using energy.


More air flow by smaller diameter.
Energy cost saving by highest efficiency at the operating point.
Fan is directly coupling with motor, no energy lost due to the transmission (belts and pulleys). External rotor fitted with permanent magnets. Outstanding efficiency even at partial load range, due to the lack of brushes and lower consumption in every working condition in order to achieve a better seasonal efficiency in accordance with ErP Directive.

Horizontal or vertical air flow.


The built-in hydronic module already contains the main water circuit components; it is available as option with single or twin in-line pump, for achieving low or high head, fixed or variable speed.


  • Soft starters
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus, Echelon, Bacnet, Bacnet over-IP.
  • Outside air temperature probe for plant water set point compensation.
  • Horizontal or vertical air outflow
  • Hydronic module available in different configurations with 1 or 2 pumps fixed speed or variable speed, for achieving both low or high head.
  • VPF (Variable Primary Flow) system
  • Electronic expansion valve