Heat pumps
Reversible water-to-water units
Реверсивний тепловий насос, "вода-вода" 5,20-33,4 kW
WWR MTD2 0011ms - 0121ts

The MTD2 water-cooled heat pumps are reversible units for heating, cooling and domestic hot water by external three-way valve (accessory).
Both the MTD2 heat pumps are suitable for traditional heating systems and radiant panels. The reversible heat pumps, working with water at
lower temperatures, ensure a higher yield and are particularly suitable in new buildings with low energy consumption that point on using
renewable energy resources. The installation is greatly simplified through the integration of the group simply by connecting the unit the water plant and the electricity so that it can be put into operation.



Electronic control Nadisystem provides great application flexibility. The remote keyboard kit wired indoor and outdoor temperature
sensors allow dynamic control of delivery temperature water, optimizing comfort in the room and increasing the energy efficiency.
The electronic board allows you to manage:

  • wired remote control, backlit display complete with remote temperature and humidity probe
  • outdoor temperature sensor for water plant side modular set point compensation
  • a zone of direct heating for radiator, floor heating or fan coil
  • domestic hot water production by external three-way valve (accessory)
  • Electrical heating element for possible integration and anti-legionella cycle for cylinder
  • boiler or electric heater in substitution or in addition
  • the room controller can customise up to six time bands. The presence of the programmable timer allows the creation of an operating profile containing up to 6 time bands.
  • up to 4 heat pump in cascade (with N-CM component)
  • several solutions through appropriate configurations of the controller and use of dedicated extension modules (accessorie), up to 5 zone.



-     Basic

Structure and base in hot-dip galvanised steel with epoxy powder paint finish.
High efficiency, low pressure drop AISI 316 stainless steel plate heat exchangers, fitted with heating element to provide frost protection.
Hermetic scroll type compressors, equipped with the crankcase heater and thermal protection.
Case panels are insulated within low noise material for further improvement of silence
Rubber vibration damper.
Soft starter for 230V/1/50Hz units (ms)
Phase sequence control relay for three phase models
The water circuit comes complete with:

  • Variable flow circulator for 0011÷0061 models and centrifugal variable flow pump for 0071 ÷ 0121 models, plant side
  • Modulating valve to reduce water consumption (source side).
  • Safety valve
  • Expansion tank
  • Manual filling assembly
  • Pressure gauge
  • Air vent valve
  • Drain valve on both the plant and the source circuits.
  • Differential pressure switch on source side and system side


  • Wired room terminal with backlit display, and with temperature and umidity probe
  • Extension module for system configuration
  • Three-way valve for domestic hot water
  • Electric heater of integration for the heating system
  • Electric heater for hot water cylinder, of integration and for anti-legionellosis
  • Cascade management kit
  • Serial card RS485 for ModBus
  • Buffer tank 35,100,200 liters
  • Hot water cylinder 300,500 liters
  • 300 liters thermal store for domestic hot water, for DOMH2O kit
  • 300,500,1000 liters thermal store for domestic hot water with solar heat exchanger, for DOMH2O kit
  • DOMH2O15 e DOMH2O24 kit for domestic hot water with external plate heat exchanger and pump