Units for simultaneous and independent hot and cold water supply
Outdoor units for simultaneous and independent hot and cold water supply, air source
INTEGRA unit for 4-pipe systems, air source for outdoor installation 43,9-169 kW
NX-Q 0152P - 0602P

Unit with two independent refrigerant circuits, each circuit works with an inverter driven hermetic rotary Scroll compressors using R410A, axial fans, braze-welded plate-type exchanger and thermal expansion valve.


Electronic control W3000TE
The W3000TE controller offers advanced functions and algorithms.
The LARGE keyboard with a large format and the wide LCD display favour an easy and safe access to the machine setup and a complete view of unit's staus. The assessment and intervention on the unit is managed through a multi-level menu, with selectable user’s language. The led icons immediately show the operating status of the circuits, as well as of the fans and of the water pumps (if present). In addition to or as an alternative at Large Keyboard, the KIPlink - Keyboard In Your Pocket - is the innovative user interface based on WiFi technology that allows one to operate on the unit directly from the smartphone or tablet.

The regulation operates on both water circuits featuring the step-wise regulation referred to the return water temperature with proportional logic. This allows to satisfy simultaneously the different requests of both cooling and heating, with no need of mode setting.

The diagnostics comprises a complete alarm management system, with the “black-box” (via PC) and the alarm history display (via display or also PC) for enhanced analysis of the unit operation. 

Optional proprietary devices can perform the adjustment of the resources in systems made of several units. Consumption metering and performance measurement are possible as well.

Supervision can be easily developed via proprietary devices or the integration in third party systems by means of the most common
protocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, LonWorks.

Compatibility with the remote keyboard (up to 8 units).

The programmable timer manages a weekly schedule organised into time bands to optimise unit performance by minimising power  consumption during periods of inactivity. Up to 10 daily time bands can be associated with different operating set points.

The defrosting (air source reversible unit only) follows a proprietary self-adaptive logic, which features the monitoring of several operational parameters. This allows to reduce the number and duration of the defrost cycles, with a benefit for the overall energy efficiency.




-      Basic
SL  Super-low noise version


-      Basic function


Unit designed to satisfy the cold and the hot side requirements simultaneously, for 4-pipe systems without any particular operation mode setting


Energy saving guaranteed by the advanced operation’s logic. The best operation mode is set completely automatically and independently by the unit’s controller, in order to minimize the absorbed energy whatever the cooling and/or heating demand might be. 


The highest level of efficiency at part load can meet and exceed the minimum seasonal efficiency for heating, SCOP and for cooling, SEER, according with the eco-sustainable design requirements for all products using energy.


The built-in hydronic module already contains the main water circuit components; it is available with single or twin in-line pump, for achieving both low or high head, fixed or variable speed, available for both plant and recovery circuits (up to 4 pumps).


The accurate condensation control (variable fan speed regulation as per standard on every model) and devoted kits allow unit's operation from -10°C to 46°C of outdoor air temperature, from -8°C to 18°C of evaporator leaving water temperature and hot water up to 55°C.


  • Touch Screen visual display
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards
  • Hydronic kit available in different configurations with 1 or 2 pumps fixed speed or variable speed, for achieving both low or high head, available for both plant and recovery circuits.
  • EC fans with electronic DC brushless motor
  • LOW NOISE KIT (only on no silenced versions)
  • Soft starters
  • Electronic expansion valve