Units for simultaneous and independent hot and cold water supply
Outdoor units for simultaneous and independent hot and cold water supply, air source
INTEGRA unit for 4-pipe systems, air source, VSD screw compressors and EC fans, for outdoor installation 443-1125 kW Full inverter multi-purpose outdoor unit for use in 4-pipe systems for the simultaneous production of chilled and hot water in two indepen
i-FX-Q2 0502 - 1102

Full inverter multi-purpose outdoor unit for use in 4-pipe systems for the simultaneous production of chilled and hot water in two independent
hydronic circuits. These units are able to simultaneously satisfy the demand for hot and cold water through a system that does not require seasonal switching and is therefore a valid alternative to traditional plants with chiller and boiler. Each circuit works with a variable speed drive semi-hermetic screw compressor using R134a, two shell and tubes heat exchangers and a source side coil heat exchanger shared by both circuits. The cold side shell and tube heat exchanger acts as an evaporator for the production of cold water, while the hot side shell and tube heat exchanger works as a condenser for the production of hot water. The source side auxiliary finned coil works as either condenser or evaporator as required by the loads.


The W3000TE controller offers advanced functions and algorithms.
KIPlink - Keyboard In Your Pocket - is the innovative user interface based on WiFi technology that allows one to operate on the unit directly from the smartphone or tablet. Using KIPlink, it is possible to turn the unit on and off, adjust the set-point, plot the main operating variables, monitor in detail the status of the refrigerant circuits, the compressors, the fans and the pumps (if present) and display and reset the possible alarms. In addition to or as an alternative, the Touch interface, with a 7” WVGA colour display and a front USB port, or the Large keyboard, with a wide LCD display and led icons, are available. The temperature control is characterized by the continuous capacity modulation, based on PID algorithms. The diagnostics comprises a complete alarm management system, with the “black-box” (via PC) and the alarm history display (via user interface or also PC) for enhanced analysis of the unit operation.

Optional proprietary devices can perform the adjustment of the resources in systems made of several units. Consumption metering and performance measurement are possible as well. Supervision can be easily developed via proprietary devices or the integration in third party systems by means of the most common protocols as ModBus, Bacnet, Bacnet-over-IP, LonWorks. Compatibility with the remote keyboard (up to 8 units). The programmable timer manages a weekly schedule organised into time bands to optimise unit performance by minimising power consumption during periods of inactivity. Up to 10 daily time bands can be associated with different operating set points.




CA           Class A of efficiency
SL-CA     Super Low noise version, Class A of efficiency
XL-CA     eXtra Low noise version, Class A of efficiency


Unit designed to satisfy the cold and the hot side requirements simultaneously, for 4-pipe systems without any particular operation mode setting


Energy saving guaranteed by the advanced operation’s logic. The best operation mode is set completely automatically and independently by the unit’s controller, in order to minimize the absorbed energy whatever the cooling and/or heating demand might be


High full load and partial load efficiency in both heating and cooling mode, using inverter technology to continuously modulate compressors operation and EC fans as standard, in order to deliver the exact amount of energy based on the actual needs of the plant. High efficiency means reduced energy consumption throughout the entire year, for any operation mode and any outdoor condition.


The highest level of efficiency at part load, thanks to the inverter technology, can meet and exceed the minimum seasonal efficiency for heating, SCOP (only for reversible units) and for cooling, SEER, according with the eco-sustainable design requirements for all products using energy. The units already comply with the minimum seasonal energy efficiency requirements that will start from 2021.


Unit´s operation guaranteed with external air temperature down to -12°C during winter and up to 46°C during summer. Production of hot water up to 60°C without accessories and chilled water from -8°C to +18°C in order to suit any possible application.


Low inrush current and power factor higher than similar fixed speed units, permit an easy electrical installation which is not stressed during start-up and with no need of extra devices for power factor correction. The use of VSD technology allows the unit to partialize in a stepless way, with consequent lower fluctuations of leaving water temperature.


At partial loads (ie for most of the year), thanks to the use of EC fans and VSD screw compressors, i-FX-Q2 units are characterized by lower noise emissions compared to fixed speed units.


The units can be selected beyond the nominal point, giving the possibility to contain the initial investment (boost selection) or to enphasize even more the efficiencies (derating selection).


  • "LT" kit for working down to -12°C in heat pump mode
  • Noise reducer (only on not silenced versions)
  • Special fan diffusers
  • Thicker soundproofing cladding
  • Hydronic group
  • VPF (Variable Primary Flow) system
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus, Echelon, Bacnet, Bacnet over-IP.
  • Touch Screen visual display
  • Leak detector