Cooling towers
With centrifugal fans

Series includes 47 models and meets all the requirements for cooling and air-conditioning.


  • 90-4467KW


  • Multiple levels of noise protection.
  • Two-sided corrosion protection.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Cost-advantageous  transportation.


  • Framework/Casing: made of hot-dip galvanized steel panels.
  • Fan section: double inlet fans with forward curved blades, dynamically balanced, equipped with V-belt drive and protective metal mesh.
  • Protected motors with convenient access: located in fan sections; mounted on the frame, which allows adjusting the drive belt tensioning.
  • Basin: chilled water collection; made of galvanized steel.
  • Water distribution system: formed by a main header made of hot dip galvanized steel with resins secondary headers and self- cleaning, centrifugal type nozzles made of special rubber compound, assembled without gaskets.
  • DECSAPACK nozzle: made of corrugated thermo-welded polypropylene sheets arranged to provide maximum turbulence in air and water counterflows; special DECSAPACK nozzle for cooling towers operation with hot or contaminated water.
  • “Spray”  type nozzle: for working with water heavily soiled with hard and viscous impurities.
  • Drop eliminator: made of PVC sheets, vacuum-formed; has a sectional design that simplifies maintenance.