Steam humidifiers
Resistive type

Humidi-tech humidifiers are compact units that are compatible with all types of water. Devices provide many dispersion options. Installation is a snap, just fix the humidifier frame on a horizontal surface and connect electrical and water services.



  • Comfortable control: Vapor-logic controller.
  • Precise humidity control: ± 1% relative humidity control with options for specific applications.
  • Adaptive control system: change of the control signal from 0 to 100%; Standard Solid State Relay (SSR)
  • Stylish modern design: ideal for any finished interior.
  • Selecting the humidification method: steam distribution through the air duct or through a suitable space distribution unit (SDU).



  • 2.7-46 kg/h for each unit.
  • Linking up to 16 units to increase productivity up to 740 kg/h.