Steam humidifiers
Electrode type

XT series electrode steam humidifiers provide humidification for a wide range of facilities, including hospitals, business centers, industry and government offices. Easy installation and cylinder replacement together with minimal maintenance make XT series one of the most affordable humidification systems to purchase and install. It is possible to modify the frame and performance.



  • Simplicity of maintenance: if necessary, simply replace the existing steam cylinder.
  • Choosing a humidification method: suitable for different types of steam dispersion.
  • Comfortable control: Vapor-logic controller.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements: automatic drain and fill optimize the operation of the humidifier.



  • 52-130 kg/h.
  • Linking up to 4 humidifiers to increase capacity up to 520 kg/h.
  • 65 kg/h per one steam cylinder.