Roof Top Air Conditioners
With Heat Pump

Goodman CPH series is represented by autonomous rooftops with a heat pump. These units can provide high-quality air conditioning under the most difficult conditions. Equipped with protected electric motors from General Electric and high-performance filters.  Air conditioners of this series have a comprehensive multi-level control.



  • Highly-efficient, sealed scroll compressors -Copeland Scroll -with built-in motor protection; built-in vibration isolation.
  • Control of high and low refrigerant pressure throughout the system.
  • Condenser fan speed control, depending on the condenser’s temperature.
  • Belt drive of a multi-speed fan with a variator.
  • Built-in replaceable 50 mm thick high-efficiency air filters.
  • Electronic spark ignition and flame control systems.
  • Cooling ambient temperatures range -18 to +52°C
  • Operation in heating and ventilation mode – up to -40 ° С. Special "soft" weather switch.
  • General Electric motors are protected against thermal overloads and do not require lubrication for the entire service lifespan.
  • Cooling volume control via thermal expansion valves.
  • Frame/cabinet is made of steel, coated with zinc using a hot dip method.
  • Frame/cabinet and pallet are painted with a special epoxy paint.
CPH0905B CPH1025B CPH1205B
Полная холодпроизводительность кВт 26 28 34
Теплопроизводительность кВт 26 30 35
Расход воздуха м3 5300 6300 6300
Статическое давление Па 400 400 400
Общая потреб. мощность кВт 12,4 14,4 18,5
Эл.питание В/Гц/Ф 3/50/380 3/50/380 3/50/380
Вес кг 515 583 583
Габариты, Д*Ш*В мм 2500*1540*1330 2500*1540*1330 2500*1540*1330