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Наружные блоки

Series MRV V - Innovation from Haier. In the development of the series, the latest technologies in the design of multi-zone systems were used. The new series is equipped with the highest performance in the industry, with the area of the blocks reduced to 20%. Intelligent block management can be done by mobile devices. The MRV V multi-zone systems are extremely easy to install and easy to start.



  • The highest module performance in the industry
  • Updated full DC inverter compressor
  • Large fan (700 mm)
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Support for optimal temperature (not lower than 10 ° C)
  • Automatic refueling and evacuation of refrigerant
  • WiFi management
  • Intelligent MRV V cloud service: warning of malfunction and maintenance


  • Productivity: 8-26 liters. from. , 28-104 liters. from.
  • Max. total length of the route: 1000 m
  • Max. length of pipe: 165m
  • Max. height difference between ext. and genus. block: 110m
  • Static head 110 Pa
  • Operating temperature range: -23 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Automatic oil balancing
  • Night mode: 10 dB noise reduction