Packaged condensing units

This model range of condensing units by MYCOND can be used with supply and exhaust systems. Due to the availability of MCA series models with different performance level, they are suitable for both large and medium commercial and residential applications. The use of two compressors in condensing units of MCA series resulted in high efficiency (especially at partial loads) and low operating noise.

Optimal equipment selection is possible due to a wide range of models and a wide choice of additional components.








Frame. Made of galvanized steel with anti-corrosion powder coating. Standard colour - RAL 9018.

Refrigerant circuit. Refrigerant - R410A. Refrigerant circuit is assembled using internationally recognized brand name components with all brazing and welding being performed in accordance with ISO 97/23.

Compressors. Scroll compressors, equipped with crankcase heater and protective thermostat. Installed in a separate technical compartment. Each compressor circuit has 2 compressors, providing increased efficiency at partial loads.

Condensers. Tubes being mechanically expanded into the 0.1 mm aluminium fins.

Fans. Dynamically balanced, with a safety fan guard. Installed on rubber antivibration mountings. Moisture protection rating - IP 54.

Microprocessor. All MCA units are equipped with microprocessor control with the following functions:

  • protection against frost.
  • compressor timing.
  • compressor automatic starting sequence.
  • alarm reset.
  • alarms and operation LED’s.
  • connection to the BMS system (optional).

Protection and control devices:

  • high pressure switch with manual reset.
  • low pressure switch with automatic reset.
  • high pressure safety valve.
  • thermal overload protection of compressors and fans.