Ductable type
Ductable fan coil units

MYCOND high-pressure ductable fan coil units are characterized by high capacity and the ability to supply air via a duct system. They are primarily used in retail spaces, warehouses and large office premises, allowing to reduce the total number of installed units.

COOLING CAPACITY: 6.52 – 40.83 kW

AIR FLOW: 940 – 7 030 m³/h




  • Low price
  • High flexibility in designing air conditioning systems in recessed mounting conditions
  • Significant capacities for large premises


The frame consists of self-supporting galvanized steel panels with M1 insulation.

Air filter.
Disposable air filter attached to a galvanized frame. Easy access for cleaning the filter. Compatible with G3 48 mm synthetic filter (purification efficiency 84%).

A quiet centrifugal fan made of galvanized steel with a double impeller, located on the same shaft as the engine. Single-phase power supply 230 V, 50 Hz

Heat exchanger.
Made of copper tubes and aluminum fins. The default connection is on the left side. The pipes can be connected to the heat exchanger from the opposite side on request.