Ductable type
Universal Fan Coil Units

The model range presented in this series is intended for rooms with a large area or for reconditioning several small rooms using a single unit. Centrifugal fan of this fan coil unit has a significant cooling capacity, while achieving significant energy savings. The series is suitable for installation in different positions. The wide range of optional equipment makes it possible to make the fan coil maximally adapted for operation in specific operating conditions.



AIR FLOW: 105 – 1 500 m³/h

COOLING CAPACITY: 0.73 – 8.20 kW






  • Possibility of optional EC fan add-on.
  • Static pressure up to 40 Pa.
  • Vertical or horizontal version.
  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe version.
  • Remote or built-in control panel.
  • Manufacturing and coloring to match the interior.