Heat pumps
Industrial heat pumps

MCU modular heat pumps - environmentally safe type of equipment that efficiently creates a comfortable climate environment for various facilities. The modular heat pump is not only easily and quickly installed, but also has a moderate cost, which allows you to make stagewise investments.

The modular low temperature EVI MCU-YHE series heat pump is equipped with EMERSON's most advanced EVI compressor and is suitable for even lower outdoor temperatures.

Cooling capacity: 70 - 150 kW

Hearing capacity: 78 - 160 kW



  • High performance EVI compressor.
  • Number of compressors - 2.
  • Air heat exchanger + 30%, water heat exchanger + 15%.
  • Cooling capacity + 10%, heating capacity + 16%.
  • When outdoor temperature is above 0 °C, the outlet water temperature is 55 °C.
  • Maximum number of units combined - 16. MCU066YHE and MCU130YHE are not compatible with other models.


OPERATION AT -25 °C                                                                                       

To meet the requirements for winter operation at particularly low temperatures the heat pump uses EVI technology – gaseous refrigerant injection. Due to this, an efficient heating even at an outdoor temperature of -25 °C in ensured. In addition, the use of this technology significantly improves the performance of the heat pump, allowing to get more heat with less electrical energy consumption.



In comparison with conventional modular units the air heat exchanger surface is increased by 30%, the water heat exchanger surface is increased by 15%, the nominal cooling capacity is increased by 10% and nominal heating capacity is increased by 16%.

When the outdoor temperature is above 0 °C the temperature of the outlet water in the heating mode amounts to 55 °C.

In this model, compared to a classic heat pump, the surface of a water heat exchanger is increased by 30% and that of an air heat exchanger by 15%.



Northern areas, created to replace boilers in cold climates.