Duct type

MHDM-D series humidifiers have a minimum height - 260 mm, and are suitable for installation in confined spaces behind a suspended ceiling. These electrode humidifiers are used with air conditioning and ventilation systems, thus controlling the humidity level of the air delivered to the room. MHDM-D series is equipped with a special pipe for connection to the ventilation system.

MHDM-D series humidifiers are suitable for: archives, laboratories, computer rooms and servers, offices, production facilities (textiles, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals).





  • Compact design - 260 mm height - allows installing it in narrow spaces under the ceiling
  • Self-regulated controller provides automatic operation after connecting to water supply systems, drainage and electricity
  • Humidifier has a prefabricated construction as well as an aluminum alloy housing that prevents rust appearance
  • Humidifier is easily attached
  • Cylinder can be easily replaced without removing the humidifier
  • Equipped with several security systems
  • 260 mm height allows you to install a humidifier in a limited space under the ceiling
  • Replacing the cylinder without dismounting the humidifier
  • Several security levels
  • Equipped with a pipe for connection to the ventilation system