Ventilation systems
Energy-efficient supply and exhaust systems

Optimized, energy-saving ventilation units of MV-S (I) series are designed for fresh air cleaning, heating and supply to residential, public and industrial premises with small area: offices, shops, apartments, etc. While operating the unit removes stale air from the room, then extracts its heat/moisture and transfers them to the incoming air masses. In such a way, the units save energy resources and effectively ventilate the premises.

The unit’s frame is made of galvanized steel, the inner and outer sides have special thermal and noise insulation using expanded polystyrene and foamed rubber.


AIR CONSUMPTION:200-1100m3/h



  • Increased static pressure due to improved fan performance.
  • Individual control via remote centralized building management system (with possibility of implementing special algorithms).
  • Connectivity to existing control systems.
  • Pre-installed temperature NTC standard sensors.