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RC Group is an Italian manufacturer that has a commanding lead in a critical segment of the climate control market. The brand makes a specialty out of precision air conditioners. It produces dedicated types of equipment with special characteristics for server rooms / data centers and telephone exchanges. RC Group holds itself out as an extremely customer-focused manufacturer. Indeed, the company's plants will produce custom equipment tailored to specifications of a particular facility in next to no time.



The biggest manufacturer of industrial air conditioners and other climate control equipment in Italy dates back to 1963. For more than 50 years, engineers of RC Group have been creating brand new solutions in the field of air conditioning and ventilation.

The company's mission today is unique custom solutions.



Major plants of RC Group are located in the north of Italy (the province of Pavia):

  • Zeccone (specializing in precision air conditioners that maintain precise temperature settings for a long time, as well as air conditioners for telecommunication facilities)
  • Valle Salimbene (specializing in chillers of various capacities)

The company has offices in many European countries, including Ukraine.



• Precision air conditioners

• Heat pumps and multi-functional systems

• Chillers


RC Group equipment stands out for its extremely wide lineup in terms of capacity and performance.



• CISQ ISO 9001 certificate for the corporate quality assurance system

• EEC Regulation No. 89/392 / CEE

• CE certification

• EUROVENT certificate


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