Precision air conditioners
Indirect adiabatic cooling system
2 stage indirect adiabatic cooling system for large data center
SIVIS 20 - 80

This is a smart cooling system, able to guarantee high energy savings in order to meet the requests to achieve the lowest pPUE.
This system provides 3 types of operation conditions: 

  • Total Free-cooling, 
  • Free-cooling + adiabatic cooling, 
  • Free-cooling + adiabatic cooling + mechanical cooling.



One-piece unit for quick installation on the external perimeter of the building or on the roof, to reduce or eliminate the space occupied around the building.
The unit is ready for use since all its control systems are incorporated and no additional components are required.
The only work to be done on site consists of connecting the electrical connections and fitting the air delivery and return ducts.


The units were designed to permit side by side installation of multiple units to reduce the footprint.


Fully recyclable product. The unit is all in aluminium and the entire structure comes with a guarantee against corrosion.
Aluminium is a type of material that can be recycled an infinite number of times. It also does not require a protective coat or painting, it offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, and is 2.8 times lighter than steel.


The auxiliary systems available with the product are: a chilled water system or a direct expansion system.
In the case of a chilled water system, the cooling effect is obtained with the evaporation of water that passes from its liquid state to a vapour state with the nebulization of millions of tiny droplets that evaporate spontaneously in air, extracting heat from the it.
The humidification system does not provide for water recirculation. In the case of the direct expansion system, a mechanical cooling circuit performs the cooling function.


Reducing consumption and maximizing the system efficiency is achieved through the use of the most advanced technologies, which leads to energy efficiency on an annual basis up to 38.9 kW/kW and also contributes to the achievement of a pPue index (Partial Power Usage Effectivness) as low as 1.025 kW/h.


The unit has two cooling sections, each with a filtering section, air/air heat exchanger and variable flow fan for the delivery/return of the air of the Data Center.
Each cooling section is designed to handle 50% of the total air flow of the system, and the cooling effect is obtained in the air/air heat exchangers with a cross-flow system, where the outside air flow for cooling and the air flow in the Data Center never come into direct
contact, guaranteeing purity of the air handled.
Designated variable flow fans control the flow of air from outside while a filtering system on the suction line guarantees the quality of air.
There are also two auxiliary cooling systems: the first is a water-based adiabatic system, while the second is a mechanical direct expansion system.