Precision air conditioners
Water-cooled units
Close control unit chilled water 7,03-234 kW
w-NEXT S 007 E0 - 215 E10

Ductable close control air-conditioners for vertical installation and cooling only, with optional heating by means of heating element, optional
humidifier and dehumidifier for precise temperature and humidity control. Particularly suitable for precision air conditioning in servers and IT rooms and all technological applications in general.

Units fitted withEC INVERTER fans, upflow or downflow.
These units are provided with 2 way modulating valve and servomotor.Unit has to be connected with an external chiller.


Semi-graphic display 132 x 64 pixel, programmable software, record storage of 200 alarms, general alarm, automatic reset after blackout, integral LAN system, standby management, automatic rotation, serious alarms, operating contemporaneousness, clock function.




UNDER  Downflow air supply
OVER     Upflow air supply

Unit for installing inside or outside the room to be air-conditioned.
Maximum resistance to rust thanks to galvanised sheet metal structures and panels with powder-coated paint finish.
The panels are lined with sound-insulating material to limit noise levels.
The reliability and functionality of the all parts are guaranteed by partners who are world leaders in their sector.
NEW EC INVERTER fans with electronic commutation in order to maximize the energy saving and reducing the noise emissions.
The fan section is contained within the machine and includes: centrifugal fans with backward curved blades with wing profile, single suction and without scroll housings (Plug-fans), directly coupled to external rotor EC electric motor brushless type with integrated electronic commutated system and continuous variation of the rotation speed.
Standard G4 filtering section, M5-F9 optional, to CEN-EN 779 with average degree of separation 90.1% ASHRAE.
The filter is self-extinguishing.
Switchboard to IEC 204-1/EN60204-1
Capillary Pre and After sales service.


  • Remote user terminal
  • Electric heating coil
  • Humidifier
  • Vibration isolation frame with rubber mountings
  • Sound absorber plenum
  • Air distribution plenum
  • Interface electronic board