Precision air conditioners
Water-cooled units
Close control unit chilled water 49,3-173 kW

Air conditioners for IT Cooling for chilled water feeding with supply fans section for installation in underfloor.
The system meets all the quality requirements in modern data centers as: flexible and modular system integration, absolute reliability, very low
maintenance cost, energy monitoring and management integrated in the system, no water consumption and related treatment.

The machines are characterized by the combined system of water flow and air flow variables.
This series is offered in 4 models, all available in downflow version with air intake from the top.
The machines is provided in separate sections to be assembled during installation.


Semi-graphic display 132 x 64 pixel, programmable software, record storage of 200 alarms, general alarm, automatic reset after blackout, integral LAN system, standby management, automatic rotation, serious alarms, operating contemporaneousness, clock function.



UNDER     Downflow air supply

The machines is provided in separate sections to be assembled during installation.


The section is divided into several boxes each containing its own fan with safety net. The boxes are to be installed and assembled on site in the void of the raised floor, creating the foundation on which will be based the air handling section.
Centrifugal fans with backward curved blades with wing profile, single suction and without scroll housings (Plug-fans), directly coupled to external rotor electric motor.
Brushless type synchronous EC motor with integrated electronic commutated system and continuous variation of the rotation speed.
The motor rotation control is obtained with the EC system (Electronic Commutation) that manage the motor according to the signal coming from the microprocessor control.


Packaged section that includes the heat exchanger, the electric panel and water flow control valves.
The section is longer than the underlying fan section to allow the transit of the hydraulic pipes and electric cables for power and control without impact on the fan section.
“X” type heat exchanger coil with 2 cooling stage with copper tubes and high efficiency aluminium fins, specifically developed to provide high heat transfer and lower air side and water side pressure drops.
Compartment for hydraulic section on the right side of the unit and containing 2-way motorized valve for water flow regulation with 0÷10 VDC control actuator and emergency manual control.
Electrical panel in accordance with EN60204-1 norms, suitable for indoor installation, complete with: Power supply 400/3/50+N.


The section is divided into several boxes, each containing two disposable bag filters with G4 efficiency, with cells in synthetic fibre and metallic frame (EN 779-2002). The boxes are to be installed and assembled on site over the air handling section.
The constructive solutions and the internal lay-out allow high application flexibility and the frontal access to the main components for the inspection and routine maintenance.
Capillary Pre and After sales service.
Switchboard to IEC 204-1/EN60204-1


  • Pressure independent 2-way motorized valve with 0÷10 VDC control actuator and emergency manual control.
  • Double power supply with automatic change-over.
  • Unit floor stand with height adjusting rubber holders.
  • Sandwich panels with interposed mattress in soundproof material.
  • Disposable bag air filters with M5 efficiency.
  • Disposable bag air filters with M6 efficiency.

Disposable bag air filters with F7 efficiency.
Non-return air damper driven by electric servomotor installed inside the unit.