Precision air conditioners
Telecommunications cooling units
Packaged air conditioners for outdoor installation for telecommunication shelters 1,95-20,6 kW
MINIPAC EVO 0001 - 0091

The packaged air conditioners for telecommunication shelters are direct expansion packaged systems for outdoor installation, which are fitted
with external panels in electrogalvanized steel sheet paintedwith powder-coated paint finish.The units can be fitted with a Free Cooling damper (optional), which ensures 30% annual energy savings compared to standard systems. The evaporating section fan could work on a direct current at 48 Volt (optional) to ensure operation in an emergency. Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. units are also made to ensure a standard level of operation even under extreme environmental conditions.


Semi-graphic display 132 x 64 pixel, 6 backlit buttons, Programmable software, Record storage of 100 alarms, General alarm, Automatic reset after blackout, Integral LAN system, Standby management, Automatic rotation, Serious alarms, 6 configurable Output alarm.



BASIC  Basic
LT         Low temperature

Maximum resistance to rust thanks to galvanised sheet metal structures and panels with powder-coated paint finish.
The panels are lined with sound-insulating material to limit noise levels.
The reliability and functionality of the all parts are guaranteed by partners who are world leaders in their sector.
Condensing control for lower noise levels
Unit with components vandal proof
Condensing coil protection grill.
User terminal supplied as standard.
Contacts for alarms and working state signal plots
EU3 air filter or EU4 as option
Capillary Pre and After sales service.


  • Electric heating coil
  • Interface electronic board
  • Emergency mode with UPS
  • Free cooling damper
  • Indoor grilles for air intake and discharge