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Reventon is the leading Polish manufacturer of air water heaters, air curtains and automatics for this type of equipment. Company exports its products to more than 30 countries.




• Innovative Technologies

All company’s products comply with European quality standards. Air water heaters manufacturing involves using the latest technologies. Casing of these devices is made of environmentally friendly material - polypropylene foam.


• Quality Assurance

Reventon Group pays special attention to the quality of its products, concentrating on every detail. Construction’s elements have a 3 years or life-time warranty.


• Modern Design

Minimalistic design allows emphasizing the innovation of the equipment. Due to its simplicity it successfully complements any type of interior.



Company's products are energy-efficient and comply with the EU Directive ErP 2015, aimed at increasing energy efficiency and elevate the share of renewable energy sources to 20% in the European Union countries by 2020.



The company's office, production facilities and warehouse are located in the Polish city of Bielsko-Biala.

This brand is best known among companies in the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. Also Reventon Group is widely represented in the domestic Polish market.



• Air water heaters

• Automation for fan heater operation

• Air curtains

Equipment Range: REVENTON