Air handling units
Customizable air handling units

DIWER - forced-air and exhaust installations without thermally divided profile

The DIWER line was the first series of air conditioners manufactured by WEGER; It was launched in 1992. The line is based on a set of carefully developed technical solutions that provide it with a number of advantages. First, DIWER allows you to implement almost any individual projects. Secondly, thanks to the innovative clamping system, the ruler devices are very easy to assemble. The system avoids the use of screws and rivets, which improves the quality of heat and sound insulation.


Seeking to provide its customers with the most customized solutions, WEGER has developed a system of modular installations with sandwich panels, thanks to which both horizontal and vertical assembly is possible. The clamping system not only improves the appearance of installations and facilitates maintenance, but also facilitates the assembly and disassembly of sections without the use of special tools.

High energy efficiency in installations is provided by the following parameters:

  • High insulation class for enclosures and T3 / TV3 profiles in accordance with EN 1886
  • Thermal insulation class T2 is achieved using a thermally split version (DIWERTE) version
  • The highest tightness class is L1, which is achieved using a special hermetic assembly method
  • Heat recovery system with efficiency up to 90%

Technical advantages:

  • Excellent sound and heat insulation due to the use of sandwich panels made of galvanized sheet metal with internal insulation of high density mineral wool
  • Fully collapsible housing design without welded and riveted joints, ensuring ease of installation on site
  • Serviceability is ensured by fully removable panels that are attached to the outside with durable hinges.


  • TÜV certification (“Association of Technical Supervision”, member of the Independent International Certification Organization)
  • The hygienic certificate obtained in accordance with the standards EN 1996-1998, allows the use of installations at the facilities of the food industry and health care.
  • Certificate ISO 9001-2000: Quality Management Systems
  • Member RAL RLT.