Haier Builds New AC Production Base in Egypt

Air conditioner giant Haier recently built an air conditioner factory in Egypt and also set up its own sales company.

Haier said that investment in the project began in 2020, and the factory was put into production from February 2021. It mainly produces single-splits and some packaged air conditioners (PACs) of less than 6 hp, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 units. The production base currently mainly produces and sells locally.

As a geographically important junction between Europe and Africa, Egypt is an attractive market. In addition, Egyptian consumers tend to focus on functions over the prices of air conditioners. Haier can meet such market needs with its high-performance air conditioners that utilize its technologies. There is a possibility for Haier to increase its production in Egypt, aiming at North Africa and East Africa, and also European markets in the future.

Egypt is one of the most attractive markets. JARN estimates that the market size is 600,000 units.