Haier named the world’s number 1 Brand in Global Ranking of Connected Air Conditioners

Haier, the world’s number one of major appliances brand*, has gained a new position as a global number 1 brand in the connected air conditioning market (including smart air conditioners), following a Euromonitor survey. Its market share in this category is 23.6% in terms of volume sales in 2016.

According to Euromonitor’s evaluation criteria, connected air conditioners are air conditioners with built-in connectivity features to communicate with other appliances and/or other devices and/or consumers, and loT appliances that can communicate with each other. Connected air conditioners include smart air conditioners, which are automated appliances requiring little human intervention and integrating built-in connectivity, advanced capabilities in sensing, analytics, integrated with supporting online services. This is the first authoritative, global research report conducted in 46 countries and on 30 brands in the connected air conditioner market.

Haier’s leadership in the fast growing connected air-conditioners market

With the emergence of the fully-integrated smart home, the sales volume of global connected air-conditioners (including smart air conditioner) reached a peak in 2016; and the compound annual growth rate of connected air-conditioners (including smart air conditioner) from 2013 to 2016 registered 62%. Wireless equipment has boosted the significant progress of home automation, prompting a number of manufacturers and retailers to ramp up their investment in the market. Convenience and control are the key factors which promote the growth of connected air-conditioners. In the future, this market will continue expanding, with Haier perfectly poised to capitalise on the potential development opportunities.

Source: http://www.haier.com