Main office:
+38 (044) 500-00-59
28a Stepana Bandery (ex. Moskovskiy) Ave., 3rd floor, 04073, Kyiv, Ukraine

Move from the metro station “Pochaina” towards the North (Moscow) Bridge

On the right side, look for the Toyota Car Center (located between Plasma and METRO shopping malls). After you reach Toyota Car Center - turn right. Move till the end of the road. Turn left at the sign “БЦ SP Hall” and keep riding along the concrete fence on the left, then you will see a blue three-story building (right behind the fence) - that's our office building! Pass through security. Go to the indoor parking and park wherever you want. Parking is free. Entrance is on the right side of the building. Go up to the third floor.

“Pochaina” Metro Station

From the Pochaina Metro Station moves towards McDonald's. When you reach the Stepan Bandera Avenue, turn right and walk until you reach the public transport stop. You need any transport heading to the Left bank - North (Moscow) Bridge. Otherwise – it takes 15 minutes on foot in the same direction. If you go by bus, get off at the second stop near the Toyota Car Center. Turn right after Toyota Car Center. Go to the end of the road and then turn left to the sign “БЦ SP Hall”. On the left side you will see a blue three-story building “Aclima” behind a concrete fence. Pass the security checkpoint and walk through the parking towards the blue building. Entrance is on the right, go up to the third floor.

+38(032) 232 00 59
59 Chornovola Ave., 1st floor, office 14, 79058, Lviv, Ukraine
+38(056) 766 07 59
36 А.Pushkin Av., 49006, Dnipro, Ukraine
+38(057) 784 00 59
Office 305А, 3rd floor, 56 Nauky Ave., 61103, Kharkiv, Ukraine
+38(048) 710 03 15
Office 301,19a Serednyofontanska St., 65039, Odesa, Ukraine

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