About Our Company

Aclima company represents the best climatic solutions from the leading manufacturers and supplies Ukrainian market with ventilation and air conditioning systems from the world’s largest brands. Today, our company’s pool includes 14 brands, offering the latest climate control advances from Europe, Asia and the United States. The products that we supply our customers with include industrial and semi-industrial aggregates as well as systems that are suitable for private use. The product assortment and price range are so wide that can easily meet any customer’s request. For more details about brands and their equipment go to Catalog.


Our company’s professionals see their goal in performing the following tasks:

  • Open Ukrainian market for the world's manufacturers of top quality and high-tech ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. 
  • Ensure the realization of the most technologically difficult project solutions combined with reasonable cost savings for our Clients.
  • Act as a reliable mediator between foreign suppliers and Ukrainian consumers, providing domestic companies with the most favorable business environment.


We are committed to building a strong and mutually beneficial relationships with clients which are based on our core values:

  • Partnership
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Quality


1. Professional Team
Our specialists are providing Clients with comprehensive technical support, accompanying them from the moment of equipment selection till its final startup.

2. Individual Approach
Every single request is considered as a new challenge requiring the most efficient solution. Our partners are ready to produce the equipment designed specifically for a particular project.

3. Integrated Solutions
The implementation of each offered technological solution is strictly controlled by our team of specialists all the way from the primary order stage and up to training your staff  how to manage the installed units.

4. Flexible Pricing Policy
We are ready to provide our Clients with the most advantageous conditions of cooperation. Being an exclusive distributor of HVAC equipment from the world's largest manufacturers, Aсlima offers its customers the best prices throughout the Ukrainian market.

5. Fast Response and Accuracy
Our clients are confident that their order will be manufactured and delivered on time. Industrial warehouses in Europe allow delivering a ready-to-use equipment within or after a three-day period. Manufacturing of equipment according to specified parameters or individual design may be accomplished within or after a two-week period.