About Us

Aclima presents top ventilation and air conditioning systems by the world-class manufacturers in the Ukrainian market. Today, our pool includes 14 brands offering cutting-edge climate control advances from Europe, Asia and the United States. In particular, we supply our customers with industrial and semi-industrial units, as well as household systems. Our product range and price spectrum are wide enough to meet any cutomer's requirements. For details on the brands and their equipment, see Catalog.


Our professionals look to:

  • Open the Ukrainian market for global manufacturers offering ventilation and air conditioning equipment of true quality.
  • Ensure implementation of the most sophisticated solutions along with reasonable saving of customer costs.
  • Act as a reliable mediator between foreign suppliers and Ukrainian consumers, offering the most favorable business terms to the domestic companies.


We are committed to building strong and mutually rewarding relationships with our customers driven by our core values:

  • Partnership
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Quality


1. Professional Team
Our experts provide the customers with comprehensive technical support from the point of equipment selection till the eventual startup.

2. Personalized Approach
Every single request is viewed as a new challenge requiring the most efficient solution, with our partners ready to produce tailor-made equipment.

3. Integrated Solution
Our expert team strictly controls implementation of each engineering solution we offer, from the initial ordering stage and up to teaching your staff to operate the installed units.

4. Flexible Pricing
We offer the most favourable terms of business to each customer. Being an exclusive distributor of HVAC equipment produced by the world's biggest manufacturers, Aсlima offers unbeatable prices in the Ukrainian market.

5. Responsiveness and Accuracy
Our customers can be confident in timely production and delivery of their order. With industrial warehouses throughout Europe, we can deliver turnkey equipment as soon as in 3 days. Personalized design and manufacturing of tailor-made equipment will take upwards of 2 weeks.