Heat pumps
Reversible air-to-water units
Air cooled reversible heat pump, with axial fans and inverter driven compressor, for heating water up to 60°C. 4,03-12,5 kW
i-KIR2-MTD 0011m - 0061m

The Climaveneta system is based on an packaged external units with integrated hydronic module and by an internal unit with the electronic regulation. The i-KIR2 heat pumps provide for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. Particular care is taken for winter mode, that thanks to the Inverter technology is guaranteed beyond traditional units working limits, water production up to 60°C.

The i-KIR2 reverse-cycle heat pumps feature high seasonal efficiency in both heating and cooling mode, using DC inverter technology to modulate compressor operation and deliver the exact amount of energy based on the actual needs of the building.

This excellent result has been achieved by carefully sizing all the components. Special attention has been paid to all heat exchange surfaces and the fans. The use of newly designed condensing coils, with larger surfaces and special layout, new asymmetrical evaporators with better and more efficient refrigerant distribution, both in the liquid and gas phase, and high efficiency fans with DC motor are some of the
important innovations included with this product.

i-KIR2 units can be coupled with traditional systems or radiant panels, guaranteeing always very high energy efficiency. Installation is strongly simplified thanks to the integrated hydronic module with inverter pump.


Electronic control provides great application flexibility. The remote keyboard kit wired indoor and outdoor temperature sensors allow
dynamic control of delivery temperature water, optimizing comfort in the room and increasing the energy efficiency.
The electronic board allows you to manage:

  •  wired remote keypad, backlit display complete with remote temperature
  •  outdoor air temperature sensor on board for climatic curve
  •  one zone with mixing valve for floor heating and one zone of direct heating for radiator, floor heating or fan coil
  •  domestic hot water production by external three-way valve (accessory)
  •  electric heater for possible integration and anti-legionella cycle for DHW tank
  •  gas boiler or electric heater in substitution or in addition for space heating
  •  the built-in clock can be used to create an operating profile containing time bands for space heating/cooling and for DHW
  •  up to 4 heat pump in cascade (with the accessories N-CM and one internal module i-EMR2 each units)

The defrost adopts a proprietary self-adaptive logic, which features the monitoring of numerous operational parameters. This allows to reduce the number and duration of the defrost cycles, with a benefit for the overall energy efficiency.



-     Basic


The unit is designed as a system: all components are regulated using proprietary control’s logic for the highest efficiency.


High seasonal efficiency in both heating and cooling mode, using DC inverter technology to modulate compressor operation and deliver the exact amount of energy based on the actual needs of the building. High efficiency for low energy consumption during the operating hours.


In terms of improving performance and reducing power consumption, the electronic thermostatic valve is an important component that maximises system efficiency, same for the choise the hydronic kit with inverter water pump and the modulating the fans speed with DC motor as standard equipments.


Particular care is taken for winter mode, that thanks to inverter technology is guaranteed beyond traditional units working limits, supplying hot water up to 60°C and down to -20°external air.


The integrated hydronic include all the water circuit components so as to optimize installation space, times and costs.


  • Wired remote keyboard with backlit display, and with temperature probe (it is a mandatory accessory)
  • Outside air temperature probe for plant water set point compensation.
  • DHW temperature probe and Buffer temperature probe
  • i-EMR2 Internal module kit can be used for cascade configuration or for management up to 5 secondary circuits.
  • Extension module for system configuration (only in combination with i-EMR2)
  • Cascade management kit (only in combination with i-EMR2)
  • Three-way valve for domestic hot water
  • Electric heater of integration for the heating system
  • Electric heater for hot water cylinder, of integration and for anti-legionellosis
  • Serial card RS485 for ModBus
  • Buffer tank 35, 100, 200 liters
  • Hot water cylinder 300, 500 liters
  • 300 liters thermal store for domestic hot water, for DOMH2O kit
  • 300, 500, 1000 liters thermal store for domestic hot water with solar heat exchanger, for DOMH2O kit
  • DOMH2O15 e DOMH2O24 kit for domestic hot water with external plate heat exchanger and pump