Heat pumps
Geothermal units, heating only
Heat pump only heating for geothermal system, high water temperature 20,3-79,1 kW
BW-HT 0071 - 0302

BW-HT represent the best solution for systems in which there is the need to produce high water temperature for both space heating and hot water purposes. The units are optimized for geothermal application. The special compressor used guarantees hot water production up to 65°C thanks to a liquid injection system. 
The unit BW-HT, heating only, can completely meet any system and application requirements, with a vast range of models, hydronic
configurations and accessories. The new BW-HT range is ideal for commercial (offices, hotels), residential (homes, apartments) or industrial
installations (domestic hot water production only).


Electronic control W3000TE

The W3000TE controller is the new device designed especially for heat pump applications with incorporated logic for high and very high temperature hot water production. The keypad features function controls and a complete LCD display for viewing data and activating the unit, via a multilevel menu, with settable display language.

The controller provides temperature control for the heating and cooling systems in the air-conditioned rooms, as well as for domestic hot water. These different temperatures are managed automatically based on the different conditions in which the system operates, with the possibility to assign specific levels of priority to domestic hot water production, depending on the needs of the application.

Diagnostics include complete alarm management, with “blackbox” functions (via PC) and alarm log (display or PC) for best analysis of unit be haviour.

For systems made up of multiple units, differentiated device management means just a certain portion of the capacity installed can be dedicated to domestic water production, in this way ensuring more efficient energy distribution and, at the same time, guaranteeing simultaneous water delivery to the different distribution systems.

The built-in clock can be used to create an operating profile containing up to 4 typical days and 10 time bands, essential for efficient programming of energy production, and fundamental for managing the Legionella prevention cycles.

Supervision is available with different options, using proprietarydevices or by integration into third party systems using ModBus, BACnet, BACnet-over-IP and Echelon LonWorks protocols.

A dedicated wall-mounted keypad can be used for remote control of all the functions.




B        Basic


-        Basic function


The use of R410A allowed to achive better energy efficiencies with environment full respect (ODP = 0)


The use of the electronic expansion valve generates considerable benefits, especially in cases of variable demand and different external conditions. It was introduced into these units as a result of accurate design choices concerning the cooling circuit and the optimisation of operation in various different working conditions


Production of high temperature hot water up to 65°C for space heating and hot water purposes.


The special compressor used with liquid injection system guarantees hot water production up to 65°C and operating limit down to -5°C source side temperature.


The units can be supplied with a hydronic kit on the user side and a hydronic kit on the source side. These kits include all the water circuit components so as to optimize installation space, times and costs. In addition, a vast selection of pumps available, up to 13 different models, for both the user side and the source side, means the best solution can always be configured in terms of flow-rate, available pressure head and power consumption.


Best solution in centralised residential systems such as apartment buildings, where the cost of renovation needs to be limited by keeping the same distribution system with radiators, while offering a source of renewable energy.


Modular configuration with capacity extension up to 400kW for medium- and high-capacity installations. Ability of managing different thermal loads according to the requirements of both heating and the domestic hot water systems.


  • Soft start
  • User side and source side hydronic kit (n°13 single pumps and n°13 twin head-pumps available)
  • Stackable units
  • Water connections can be placed on the right-hand side, top or rear.
  • Extra soundproof lining to reduce the noise emissions.
  • Outside air temperature probe for plant water set point compensation.
  • Three-way valve for domestic hot water
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards