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Decsa - one of the first Italian manufacturers of heat exchangers for evaporative condensers and closed circuit coolers. This equipment was designed on the basis of the company's own engineering developments.



Decsa company was founded in 1975. However, its predecessor - Termonova trade association - has existed since 1927. Since its foundation, the company has been manufacturing evaporative cooling equipment.

With the expansion of production facilities and the construction of a new plant, Decsa has become an independent company that produces aggregated cooling towers of various types, as well as evaporative condensers based on innovative technologies developed by company’s specialists.


Key dates:

• 1927 - Giuliano de Cardenas established his own company in Turin

• 1963 - plant "De Cardenas" was built in the city of Arcor near Milan

• 1975 - new plant was built in Voghera, 50 km south-west of Milan

• 1999 - Decsa quality system was certified in accordance with ISO 9001

• 2004 – company management passes from Gianluca to his son Nicola de Cárdenas

• 2010 - production capacities of the Voghera plant were expanded

• 2012 – opening of a new production facility "DecsaCOIL", focused on the production of heat exchangers



The birth of the Decsa brand is closely related to the Cárdenas family business. In 1927, the young engineer Giulio de Cardenas began his career as a representative of the famous American fan manufacturer. Afterwards, the enterprising young man went on to manufacture his own ventilation systems. After the early death of Giulio caused by an accident, the family business passed to the two sons of the entrepreneur - Roberto and Gianluca. They successfully continued the activities of his father, increasing production capacity and expanding production lines.

In 1975, a new plant was launched under the name Decsa in Vauger. The company is still engaged in the production of equipment for heat exchange and evaporative cooling systems.

In 2004, the reins of the growing company were  handed to the representative of the third generation of the family - Cárdenas Nicole de Cárdenas.



Equipment from the Italian manufacturer Decsa is installed in the largest plants and various industrial facilities in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

The central office of the company and the main plant are located in the city of Voghera (Lombardy province, northern Italy).

Representation offices of the brand are located throughout the world.



• 40 years - during this time the company has accumulated considerable experience in the design and manufacture of heat exchange equipment

• 70% of production is being exported

• 87 years  - is the time of Cardenas family’s business existence

• 29 000 m2 - the area of ​​the main plant and the central office based in Vaugere



• Cooling towers of various modifications (with axial or centrifugal fans)

• Evaporative Coolers and Condensers

• Additional equipment and accessories for cooling systems



• Standard ISO 9001-2000


Equipment Range: DECSA