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DriSteem develops and manufactures humidification systems, as well as a wide range of accessories for high-quality regulation of indoor humidity. Today, DriSteem brand – is a recognized expert in the field of humidification in both the industrial and domestic segments.



DriSteem company was founded in the USA more than 45 years ago. During this time, the manufacturer’s equipment was installed at numerous sites of various types - in commercial sector, healthcare, industry and spheres with special requirements.

Today DriSteam is a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. The company stays in the lead due to its commitment to the innovative developments.

Its mission, as  the experts working at the company’s factories see it, consists in providing customers with the highest level service, as well as in manufacturing the first-class products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.



Company was founded in the USA. Today its representation offices can be found in various parts of the world. DriSteem's headquarters are located in the small town of Eden Prairie (Hennepin County, Minnesota). In Europe, there are several large warehouses, which quickly deliver products to European partners. The main European office of the corporation is located in Zonhoven, Limburg, Belgium.



• 45 years of successful work

• more than 30 types of manufactured equipment



• Humidifiers of various types (gas, electrode, steam)

• Steam distribution systems

• Accessories for humidification systems

Equipment Range: DRISTEEM