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Haier is the world's largest manufacturer of household appliances. One of the company's focus areas is the development of climate control systems. The company's engineers are incessantly working on MRV-systems’ improvement.



The company was established in 1984 as “Tsingtao Refrigerators Factory”. Gradually, after a period when it was hard to make the ends meet, the factory became the industry’s leader. Being supported by the Chinese government, the company turned into the leader of the domestic market. Since 1990 Haier has entered the international arena. Factories started appearing all over the world. Haier became a well-known brand, which conquered its own niche first in the US, and then in most European countries. The 2000s were the time of brand’s building and development. Haier created a qualitatively new marketing policy and finally turned from a regional manufacturer into a global giant of household appliances.


Key Dates:

  • 1988 - consolidation with the "Qingdao electroplating company"
  • 1991 - "Qingdao Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Plant" becomes a part of Haier
  • 1996 – opening new factory in Indonesia
  • 1997 - new manufacturing sites launched in the Philippines
  • 2000 – first factory opened in the US (Camden, South Carolina)
  • 2002 – opening a new factory in Pakistan
  • 2003 – now Haier plants are also present on the European continent - Jordan; the corporation's turnover is 7 billion dollars
  • 2006 – Haier brand - official partner of the National Basketball Association and NASCAR races
  • 2008 - sponsor of the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing



Zhang Ruimin - the founder and permanent head of the company - today ranks 22th in the top list of the world's most influential leaders (2014). His amazing managerial talent made it possible to turn a loss-making factory producing refrigerators into a mega-corporation.

Legend has it that this extraordinary and exigent man never took the middle pass. It is said that after the broken refrigerator was returned to the plant, Ruimin conducted a complete audit of the produced equipment. As a result, it turned out that by the time new refrigerators were supposed to be released about 20% of them were malfunctioning. Then the director ordered to set up 76 faulty units in the hall of the factory and ordered the workers to destroy them, literally breaking them with heavy sledgehammers. At that time, it was a bold move because one such refrigerator’s cost equaled 2 year salaries of an ordinary worker!

Zhang Ruimin did not recognize half-tones. He said that errors should be recognized: "If we allow the sale of defective products, this will lead us to bankruptcy."

The leadership and organizational abilities of Ruimin fully manifested when the labor organization system of the factory was improved.

With the access to the world market, Mr. Ruimin revealed his new talent – he became a successful economic strategist. Gradually expanding the market, he created a brand that far outstripped its foreign competitors.



Haier has manufacturing facilities on 3 continents. The company's factories are located in the USA, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Jordan, Pakistan, Philippines. The headquarters of the company is in Hong Kong, and its main manufacturing sites in Qingdao (PRC).

Representations are open in the USA, Japan, in many countries of Europe and Asia, including Russia (2008) and Ukraine (2014).



  • 1st place in the world in terms of production of household appliances (27th in the ranking of 50 leading innovation companies in the world (Business Week, 2010)
  • 29 years of successful development
  • 100 countries and more have already opened their markets for Haier products
  • 80,000 employees worldwide
  • 17 billion dollars - annual turnover of the company in 2008



• Household appliances (refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, microwave ovens)

• Digital technology (tablets, smartphones)

• Water heaters

• Air Conditioning Systems

• Household inverter / non-cavern air conditioners

• Industrial and semi-industrial air conditioners

• Multizone MRV systems

• Chillers


Equipment Range: Haier


Project Solutions: Haier

SEC "WoodMall", Khmelnytskyi
Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Kyiv
Hotel Lybid, Kyiv
Metallurgical Combine, Zaporizhzhya
CEC Lavina Mall, Kyiv
JSC "Zaporizhstal", Zaporizhzhia
United Nations Office in Ukraine, Kyiv
Market "Shuvar", Lviv
Supermarket NOVUS, Kyiv region
Milk factory "Lyustdorf", Vinnytsia region
Shopping center Babylon Dnipro
ICCiA "Zhovtnevyi Palats", Kiev
Restaurant "Eurasia", Kyiv
Children's complex "Chubi Boom", Ivano-Frankivsk city
Business center "RELE" Kyiv
"ALLSEEDS" Oil Extraction Plant, Kyiv