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Hitachi is the world's largest manufacturer of household appliances, electronics, computers and power industrial equipment. Today the company produces more than 20 000 products, among which a separate place belongs to the modern climate control systems, air conditioners and heating equipment.

The trademark and the company’s name come from the combination of Japanese hieroglyphs together meaning "Spring of day."

Managers of the company assure this name fully reflects the essence of the brand's philosophy - helping society and an individual via technology.

While developing the climate and heating systems niche, Hitachi postulates the following principles:

  • Effective combination of ideas and modern technologies: the widest range of manufactured equipment
  • Care for the environment: compliance of equipment with the highest standards for environmental management and the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants.



The international corporation was created in the beginning of XX century. Then, in 1910, a small company was the first in Japan to set up the production of electric motors. Having passed through the 90 years long path, today Hitachi occupies a leading position in the field of information technology. The total volume of annual sales - more than 8 billion yen.

In 1992, Hitachi built the first plant in Europe - HAPE plant, Barcelona, Spain. A new production facility with an area of 40000m2 enabled the corporation to reduce production costs and shorten delivery times.



The founder of the brand Hitachi Ltd is the Japanese entrepreneur Namighei Odaira. He was the one who invented a company’s trademark even before the official opening. From his point of view, this name would have helped win the trust of consumers.

Since then, the Hitachi brand is a symbol of the highest quality and continuous search for new technological opportunities.



Hitachi financial and industrial group is based in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Subsidiaries and divisions of the corporation are scattered all over the world: Brazil, Canada, the USA, China, India, Vietnam, the Middle East and North Africa. As for Europe, Hitachi has a representation in almost every European country.



• 300,000 people - corporation staff

• 1,047 - subsidiaries

• 312 - foreign affiliates

• 81438 - Hitachi world sales volume



Among the key directions of Hitachi activities - electronic systems and equipment, heavy engineering, development of high-performance materials and much more. The range of the climatic equipment is also extremely wide:

• Heat pumps

• DHW systems

• Chillers

• Multizone systems

• Household and multi-split systems

• Air-conditioners (household and industrial series)



• EUROVENT Certificate

• JISEC Certificate

• ROST Certificate

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