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Microdam is a Korean manufacturer of world-class condensate removal pumps that strives to implement the most innovative solutions, constantly improving the models it produces.
The mission of Microdam’s employees is to meet their customers’ requirements as much as possible. This goal is accomplished by strictly adhering to the following principles:
•    Tried-and-tested quality
•    Excellent design
•    Reliability
One of the key values of the company is innovative thinking, which is best embodied in the manufactured products.
The main goal of the company is to create a comfortable and eco-friendly living environment. 
Microdam offers innovative products, which cannot be compared to any other products in the world market. Microdam condensate removal pump has been recognized in the international market for its excellent durability and reliability, as compared to its competitors. Its technology has been gaining recognition in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other regions. American and European consumers pay great attention not only to the practical features of the product, but also appreciate its design. 


Sungshin HASCO Limited entered the market as Hungsan Zenith, Inc. In 1996, Hungsan Zenith, Inc. first produced copper alloy products, which are core parts of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
The Microdam brand is a subsidiary of the Korean manufacturer Sungshin. Over the 18 years since its inception, the brand has accumulated considerable experience in designing and modernizing condensate removal pumps. Microdam has quickly conquered the international market, and today its products can be found in Europe, the United States, and Asia. 
Key Dates:
•    1996, August. Hungsan Zenith, Inc. was founded.
•    1996-2001. The company began to export its products to over 20 countries across the world.
•    2002, February. The company began to produce Microdam condensate removal pumps, which immediately conquered the domestic market of Korea.
•    2005, July. The head office moved from Seoul to Ulsan. The company launched the production of condensate control and removal pumps with the urgent drainage and alarm function for air conditioners.
•    2006, January. The company was renamed Sungshin Hasco, Ltd.
•    2007, April. The company obtained a number of international certificates, including NRTL (for the United States and Canada), PSE (for Japan), CE (for Europe), and presented an improved condensation switch control system for air conditioners. The head office moved to a new factory in Gyeongsan.
•    2007, November. The head office moved from Ulsan to a new factory in Gyeongsan.
•    2008, May. The company obtained Korean state certificates Innobiz Company and Venture Company, as well as the ISO 9001 international certificate.
•    2009, February. The company began to supply condensate removal pumps to Carrier, Korea.
•    2012, April. The company moved to a newly constructed factory building in Gimpo, Korea.
•    2013, April. The company expanded and built a new factory building, as well as obtained the ETL international certificate (the United States and Canada).
•    2019, December. The company expanded its factory in Gimpo, which now comprises three separate buildings. 


Microdam headquarters and main production facilities are located in the city of Gyeongsan, Korea. Its equipment is exported to Japan, the United States, Canada, and Europe. The company supplies components for HVAC systems and copper metal products to more than 20 countries. 


•    Condensate removal pumps
•    Steam cleaners
•    Vibration absorbers
•    Components for ventilation and air conditioning systems


•    CE certificate
•    NRTL certificate (United States and Canada)
•    PSE certificate (Japan)
•    ISO 9001
•    ETL (United States and Canada)


•    North America
•    South America
•    Eastern Europe
•    Southeast Asia
•    Middle East

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