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Korean manufacturer of high-class drain pumps. Microdam strives to implement the most innovative solutions, constantly improving the produced models.

Microdam employees mission is to maximize the customers' satisfaction. This goal is fulfilled through the steady adherence to the down-listed principles:


• Proven high-quality level.

• Excellent design.

• Reliability.


One of the key values of the company is innovative thinking, which finds its best embodiment in the manufactured products.



Microdam brand is a branch of the Korean manufacturer - Sungshin. During 18 years of work, the company accumulated a considerable experience in construction and modernization of drainage pumps. Microdam took on an international market very quickly and today its products can be found in Europe, the United States and Asia.


Key dates:

• 1996, August – foundation of  "Hungsan Zenith Inc" company  

• 2002, February - start of Microdam drainage pumps production, which immediately conquered the domestic market

• 2005, July - head office moved from Seoul to Ulsan

• 2006, January - company was renamed into "Sungshin Hasco, Ltd"

• 2007, April – company received the following certificates - NRTL certificate (for USA and Canada), PSE certificate (for Japan), CE certificate (for Europe)

• 2007, November - head office moved to a new factory from Ulsan to Kyungsan

• 2008, May - receiving the state certificate of Korea "Innobiz Company" and "Venture Company"

• 2009, February -start of deliveries of drainage pumps of the Carrier company, Korea



Microdam headquarters together with the main production facilities are located in the city of Gongdan, Korea. Equipment deliveries are carried out to Japan, the USA, Canada, to the European continent. The company supplies components for HVAC systems and copper metal products to more than 20 countries.



• Drainage pumps

• Steam cleaners

• Vibration dampers

• Accessories for ventilation and air conditioning systems



• CE certificate

• NRTL Certificate (USA and Canada)

• PSE Certificate (Japan)

Equipment Range: MICRODAM