MYCOND Limited

The headquarters of MYCOND Limited (UK) is located in London, which is the capital of the United Kingdom. MYCOND Limited is an international company continuously working on innovative developments, remodeling, analysis and investigation of the global climate control market. The company is mainly focused on the foreign market. MYCOND produces relatively unexpensive, energy-efficient, top-quality equipment.



MYCOND has an extensive experience in the climate control market. Today, the company is committed to uniting the very best developments in HVAC equipment under a single brand name. For that purpose, MYCOND has developed a special strategy driving cooperation with top manufacturers.

MYCOND cooperates with reputable major plants throughout the world (in Europe, Asia, the USA), so that it promptly implements all the developments to high standards and produces competitive high-tech equipment.

MYCOND equipment is manufactured on the same production lines as units by the world's leading manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi Heavy (Japan), Sabiana (Italy), Hidros (Italy), LG (Korea), etc.

The company's analysis center has developed a special testing and certification system called MQM. With quality standards clearly defined, MYCOND experts check each produced unit right on the production site.


At present, the company structure includes the following departments:


  • Analysis (market monitoring and instant response to emerging trends)
  • R&D (development of new engineering solutions for climate control)
  • Standardization and certification (verification of product conformity with the global and regional quality standards)
  • Testing (the department's staff thoroughly tests the equipment being manufactured, ensuring the highest strength, performance and cost-effectiveness)
  • Service center (skilled technicians provide maintenance and warranty service for MYCOND units).



• Ventilation

• Air conditioning

• Air dehumidification and humidificaiton

• Heating

• Automation systems

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