Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers
U... R410A... 44,9÷200KW


  • Wide range of aggregates including 22 models.
  • Average step of 15 kW
  • EER is up to 2.93.
  • ESEER is up to 4.17.
  • Scroll compressors.
  • Chargeable refrigerant - R410A.
  • Single or double refrigeration circuit.
  • Plate heat exchanger.
  • EC Axial fans.
  • Single air circuit.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Microchannel condensing coils.
  • Equipped with multidimensional air circuits.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation.




    • Chilled water outlet temperature: -12 ÷ 20 °C
    • Ambient temperature: -10 ÷ 45 °C



    • High indicator of ESEER.
    • Equipped with two scroll compressors.
    • Microchannel condensing coils in aluminum.
    • Low refrigerant charge.
    • Ability to install: noise suppressing or super noise-suppressing kits, hydronic module with medium pressure hydraulic pump, pumping group, heat recovery system, EC fans.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Eurovent certification.


    POWER SUPPLY: 400/3/50 + N



    • FRAMEWORK (base, self supporting frame and panelling ): steel with protective epoxy coating; color: RAL 9002.
    • COMPRESSOR: hermetic scroll compressors optimized for R410A refrigerant; electric motor thermal protection via internal temperature sensors; multifunction electric motor, phase control relay, anti-vibration rubber supports.
    • EVAPORATOR: brazed plate heat exchanger; polyurethane insulation; equipped with temperature sensors, as well as water connection with threaded joint.
    • CONDENSER: aluminium microchannel condensing coils; low weight; reduced power consumption of the fan motors; effective heat exhange; condensers allowing to work at 75% of the volume of the refrigerant.
    • FANS: Sickle-shaped blades with safety grids; low noise level; equipped with an AC rotor-type motor.
    • CONTROL SYSTEM: MP.COM microprocessor control with graphic display; volt-free contact as an element of the emergency warning system; components running hour-meter; a password-protected menu; LAN connection.